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Find The Best Online Electronics Store

With more and more individuals becoming internet users today, there has been a great increase in online shopping websites across every section of the globe. According to a latest research, an increase of 60 percent has been observed in the number of individuals shopping online in the past two years. Advancement in technology and easy navigability are the two major reasons responsible for this increase.

As a result, most of the manufacturers have started maintaining online stores to earn more profits. Even the electronic items are available online today. Several online electronic stores have emerged with a wide collection of products like mobile phones, laptops, tablets, monitors, camcorders, digital cameras, etc.

With innumerable options available online, it becomes difficult to go with a particular one.

How to find the best online electronic store?

This is a common problem faced by a majority of individuals today. Let us help you come out of this confusing situation. These are some important tips that can help you find a reliable store as per your requirements and budget.

Always do an appropriate research before making a final decision. Go through different websites, their products, services, pricing details, contact details, information security features, return policy and several other related sections. It is very important to explore every section carefully.

User-friendly website
The second important thing that needs to be kept in mind is the quality of the website you are choosing. It must be user-friendly. Every section must be designed in a way to provide maximum information to the users. A good website is the one that even a novice can operate. Stay away from websites that just exaggerate their features and services just for the purpose of promotion.

Checkout payment procedures
It is an important section maintained by the electronic stores discussing the different methods by which customers can make payments. Check out whether you are comfortable paying via the methods mentioned in the website. If not, avoid shopping from it. Choose another one that makes you feel comfortable with your payment mode.

Quick delivery procedure
Prefer choosing an online store providing quick delivery facility to the customers.

Product list
Before making a final decision, always check out the product list of the web store. It must contain a vast collection of products from the leading brands.

These are some of the basic tips that can help you select the best online electronics store as per your budget and requirements.

Fashion Internship Tips

Start your career in the fashion industry by following these few fashion internship tips. Getting a great fashion education and establishing a strong foundation is important to jump-starting your fashion career. People who are currently in the industry leveraged their education to get great fashion internships. An internship will allow you to get hands-on experience that you can put on your resume along with showing your prospect employer your creativity, dedication and overall work ethic. Here is essential fashion internship advice that anyone trying to break into the fashion industry should know.

How are you going to get the fashion internship of your dreams? Make a list of every fashion house you would ever desire to work for and apply, apply, apply! You are not going to find a list for fashion design internships for the big designers on typical job listing websites; instead you have to make yourself available to them. Fashion houses are looking for qualified people to work for them, so if you have a fashion-related degree or any other form of qualified education, be sure to list it on your cover letter and resume, and have your portfolio available. Then, research different fashion designers and contact them via email or try to meet them in person. Be sure to say you are willing and able to work immediately and cannot wait to get started!

Landing a great fashion internship might seem like a dream come true, but the difference between those who last in the fashion industry and those who don’t is their ability to work. Remember you are showing your future employer what you are capable of bringing to their fashion house. In order to make the best first impression possible, always show up on time and ready to work, and really listen to what others are requesting of you. If you can prove that you have the basics down, you will be sure to move your way to the top soon.

What to wear? This is the fashion industry after all, but it is important to keep in mind you will be moving around while shopping, running errands and assisting others for most of the day. Dress fashionably, obviously, but functional as well. In the race of fashion life, be sure you can outrun those in seven-inch heels.

If you are able to apply these outlined internship tips, then you are on the cusp of a long lasting fashion industry career!

Man Should Know About Online Fashion Shopping

Online fashion shopping is growing in popularity because of its ease and convenience. The greatest thing about it is you do not have to leave the comfort of your home. You can browse through selections and purchase items just by clicking on buttons. In some cases, online retailers carry more items than actual outlets. These are just a few reasons why more consumers are shifting to this alternative.

You will find many retailers offering different kinds of clothes. Although this is the case, not all provide consumers with quality goods. Be aware of this while you shop for items to add to your collection. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you shop. Look for these the next time you shop for mens clothing online.

Fresh looks and extensive collections

Do your shopping with retailers offering the latest trends. The world of fashion is constantly changing and only a few can keep up. Keep yourself updated about what’s in style and what’s not, and apply this knowledge when shopping. Buy from retailers featuring the latest seasonal collections to ensure your wardrobe is up to date.

The complete look – pants, shirts, and the right accessories

Do not waste your time on places selling only tops or the opposite. This will make it difficult for you to mix and match pieces. Online shops offering the whole package make it easier for you to determine which pieces go well with which. It is best to go with those offering you a one-stop shopping trip.

Reasonable prices

Men’s clothing may be more expensive than women’s most of the time, but this does not mean you should buy the first thing you find. Make sure you get value for your money. You can spend a little more on a clothing staple such as a classic shirt. You can use this for many occasions, and getting a product that will last a long time is worth the extra bucks. Look for bargains if you want to buy statement and signature pieces.

Expect to spend a little more for things like suits. This is the most elegant piece you will have in your wardrobe and it is important you select carefully. Quality is important. It should have the right cut and colour, and be made of the right fabric as well.

Style recommendations

The truth is that only a select few men know how to dress themselves – and dress well, at that. One handy tool to look out for is style suggestions. This is where they feature a particular look on a model and list down the items completing the ensemble. For pieces not parts of a ‘complete look,’ seek ideas and suggestions of what to buy it with. This tool will come in handy for those who have difficulty mixing and matching different items. Professional stylists put these looks together and buying the total package will ensure you look your best.

Detailed sizing charts

The biggest downside of online fashion shopping is not being able to try on the clothes before purchasing. Detailed sizing charts are the solution to this problem. This important tool will help you figure out which fits suit your body type. It will make shopping for mens clothing online a more pleasant and fulfilling experience.

Enjoy Panama City Beach Coupons, Tips, and Free Stuff to Do

One of the great myths about Panama City Beach, Florida, is that as a party town it’s just too pricey to take a normal vacation in – but the right Panama City Beach coupons and a few easy tricks will easily shatter that misconception.

Before we talk about the specifics, let’s take a look at what PCB has to offer:

Spring Break: If you’re the kind of person who wants to see Girls Gone Wild live and in person, plan a vacation to the Beach in the month of March. It’s Spring Break that gave PCB it’s rep as a party town, and for 1/12th of the year, it’s absolutely true!

Summer: With 27 miles of beaches to its name, PCB is easy to find whatever beach scene you’re after: densely packed sunbathing beauties, or an isolated stretch of sand where you can relax in near solitude. But that’s just the beginning. PCB brings the game with golfing, finishing, bungee jumping, parasailing, water parks, go-carts, and devastating shopping, eating, and lodging options.

Year-Round: Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville. Frank Brown Park. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Museum. Club La Vela. Spinnaker. The shopping, eating, culture, and nightlife of Panama City Beach are worth the trip even in the middle of “winter”.

So, how about these tricks and coupons for Panama City Beach?

Well, first let’s look at a couple of the best FREE things to do in PCB:

Frank Brown Park: This massive two hundred acre park features baseball, soccer, basketball, football, tennis, a playground, picnicking space, a fishing pond, a pool, and miles of walking trails. There are often various games and tournaments going on to be watched, and of course it’s almost always possible to find an open field to play in.

Dan Russel Pier: A huge concrete edifice jutting out into the sea, the pier is worth walking along just for the view, but the fishing is really the great attraction here.

Now, on to the star attractions:

Adventures At Sea: Pontoon boats. Parasailing. Jet skis. Banana boating. Sail boats. Chartered fishing. The options and fun at Adventures at Sea are amazing, and the available Panama City Beach coupons to make it all that much more valuable.

Shell Island Shuttle: Shell Island, home to the largest concentration of bottle-nosed dolphins in the world, is accessible from Panama City Beach’s St. Andrew’s State Park via the Shell Island Shuttle. But this boat does more than just ferry passengers back and forth – the adventurous can also rent a kayak or a snorkeling package from the shuttle to dramatically enhance their island experience – and the coupons make it easy on the wallet.

There are many more Panama City Beach coupons and suggestions for free things to do in Panama Beach City, so if you’re planning a vacation – or already there and wondering what to do today – check us out!

Tricks to Start Saving Money at the Grocery Store

So, you’re ready to try couponing?

It is not difficult, and it doesn’t take as much time as you might think. As with anything, you get out, what you put in. If you’re apprehensive, start slow. Getting a 10% discount is better than paying full price, right? So set a goal of saving 10% each trip. Once you are comfortable there, aim for 20% and keep building.

Your first 10% off:

Get your first discount by readjusting your shopping and couponing mindset. We (grocery and household shoppers) are trained to go shopping when we are out, or nearly out of a product. By shopping with this approach, you are only able to get discounts when you are lucky enough to be shopping for something that is on sale.

The trick is to take luck out of the equation. If you are after deals, shop when deals are available. Products go on sale every 6 weeks or so, therefore, you need to buy enough of your product to last you 6 or more weeks. Yep, this means stocking up! Your local Sunday paper will tell you what is on sale each week in your grocery store. Look for the items you are always buying and when they go on sale, buy extra.

What if you don’t have the money to stock up?

Admittedly, this is a valid argument. Remember though, we’re learning to adjust our thinking about shopping. Transition your thought process from “I don’t have extra money right now… ” to “what can I save on now and not worry about buying for awhile?” The second thought process will give you a discount on your item today, and since you won’t have to buy your product for awhile, it will save you money for weeks to come!

After you have identified what’s on sale, cut the coupons that you plan to use. Look closely to see if the coupons have a quantity limit. (You should max out the quantity limit, and if you want to buy even more, just have the checker ring you up on two orders.) Make a note on your grocery list next to any item on sale, and note on how many you can buy.

Next, check out your store’s rewards program. You can likely find additional deals there. Grab your list, and head to the store to start saving! Note: If you get to the grocery store, and find they are out of your products, ask for a rain check. This will ensure you get the sale price at a later date.

Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong way to coupon. However, the biggest theme amongst couponers is their meticulous organizational habits. Binders and excel files are standard, although there are many other ways to organize coupons. You’ll just have to decide what works best for you.

Go get a couple local newspapers and dig out the coupon inserts. Set aside any part of the paper that’s not intended for couponing. If you like the idea of using the computer to help keep track of your coupons, enter all your coupons into a spreadsheet. Include the sale price, and how many coupons you have of each.

If you think you’re more of a binder person, cut out your coupons and put them in a binder. Then as you prepare your shopping list, flip through your binder to see what coupons you have.

Whatever way you’re planning to attack your coupons, stay organized. Develop a system that keeps track of when coupons are about to expire. Throw away your expired coupons often so you don’t accidentally use them. One of the more common couponing systems separates items by category: household, groceries, et cetera.

Work to find coupons on everything you can, and start combining the items that are already on sale with additional clipped coupons that you found in your weekly flyer.

Now start saving money!

Tips for Getting the Best Shopping Deal on the Internet

It is no more news that the world is now smaller than what is generally called the global village, thanks to the World Wide Web popularly called the internet. Online shopping has now been widely accepted worldwide and the reason for this is very clear; the convenience of sitting down in your bedroom, order a product or products and get them delivered on your doorstep. But how do you get the best deal especially if you want to dropship?

The first step is to surf the web properly for sites that offer great deals and discounts before you make your decision on where to purchase. Endeavour to check shipping charges, taxes, handling charges and any other hidden charges before parting with your money. Remember that there are so many sites out there offering various deals, so take your time for a little research.

Moreover, you will be shopping smart if you look out for special offers like sales or discount coupons. You can also save some bucks on festive periods like Easter, Christmas, public holidays and even on Valentine’s Day. It is common for online stores to offer attractive discounts on these periods especially those dealing in apparel and footwear. Unless you are in a hurry for a purchase, these periods are worth waiting for because you are guaranteed a better deal.

Also, whenever you come across ‘buy one and get one free’ offer, endeavor to take a closer look because a great deal might just be waiting for you. Marketers use this strategy to entice buyers and if you can afford to buy in bulk, you will save a lot of money for other stuffs. The seller might just be looking for a way to clear his/her stock and if you are lucky to stop by at that time, you will be in for a great deal.

Furthermore, when making payment online, you must be very careful. Since most payments are done through the credit card, you must be very cautious when exchanging your card details. Before you exchange your credit card information with any website, check out the URL and look out for ‘https’ and not ordinary ‘http’. Alternatively, having an account with a third party payment processor like PayPal, moneybooker, alertpay, etc, will save you a lot of headaches as your credit card information will be protected.

There are lots of scammers out there with mouth-watering offers intended to lure you into falling for their tricks. Visit review sites and forums to get sufficient information about online stores with track record. If, per adventure, you want to try a new store or you want to dropship, order a very cheap product to start with and then upgrade little by little.

Holiday Shopping Spree Tips

Shopping is a tedious task that requires some planning and preparation beforehand. If you neglect these then you’ll make your shopping much harder than it should be. With these tips you can find ways to save time and money.

Tip 1: Buy from liquidators. This is your source to purchase surplus merchandise at extremely low prices. You can buy multiple items at a lower discounted deal for several people on your list.

Tip 2: Buy from stores that are going out of business. All items on the shelves will have reduced prices. These products will go very fast due to the markdown. Look to see how often the price on the merchandise will drop. It will start dropping monthly, then weekly, and daily. You want to get the best deal possible.

Tip 3: Buy from flea markets. Believe it or not but you can find quality products with low prices at your local flea market. They have never been used or in like new condition that will be perfect for gifts.

The above companies have low overhead expenses is the reason they can offer great deals. This merchandise was bought from businesses with closeouts, overstock, and excess inventory. You will receive the same quality product as the brand names sold in stores for higher prices.

Get the better deal by shopping around and do not wait. If you put it off to the last minute then you will be forced to go to a local retail store and pay more. The goal is to save money.

Don’t feel bad or cheap when shopping at these places. Your hard earned money needs to be spent wisely. Family and friends should respect your efforts to save. A pat on the back with congratulations is in order.

Traps of Starting Your Online Yarn Shop

I was recently asked if I could offer some tips about starting an online yarn shop. I was keen to help, as I have recently made the leap into my own online venture. So here are some of the tips and traps that this not so young player experienced in the wonderful journey that became my very own yarn shop!

These tips apply to all types of online business and are not intended to be a complete guide. I urge all potential business owners to use the many resources available both online and in the greater community. It is a hugely challenging and exciting step to take but being a one person business doesn’t mean you have to do it alone! So here are my top tips for anyone thinking about starting their own online business and living their dream.

1 – Learn about business. It’s not just buying and selling. While you may have strengths in some areas, there are specific things that you must learn. No-one can be an expert on every aspect of running a business. Get training (local college courses, government funded programs etc) and make sure you have at least a basic understanding of all areas of business. I started my business with the assistance of an Australian Government funded program called NEIS (New Enterprise Incentive Scheme). It is a program for people who are registered as unemployed and who want to start their own business. The program offers training (Cert 4 in Small Business Management, which is a Nationally Accredited course), a fortnightly payment which is paid for 12 months, and regular mentoring sessions. I found the learning process extremely valuable and eye-opening, as I was introduced to many business concepts that I was not aware of. Without this training, my business dream would have remained just that.

2 – Know what is involved. There are many facets of running a business and if you go into this blind you will almost certainly fail. Make a close friend of your local Small Business organisation. It is one of the smartest things you will ever do.

  • Startup funding. Do you have savings that you can put towards setting up a new business? Or will you need to apply for finance, in the form of loans or grants?
  • Regulations – Does your local Government have rules about running your type of business, eg, home business regulations, insurance?
  • Taxation – This one is probably the most challenging of all. Get some basic advice from your taxation regulator. Their websites are usually packed with good information about starting and building a business and complying with taxation laws. If this is not one of your strengths, budget for an accountant to help you with this. Even if it is, you should have an accountant on hand for annual returns.

3 – Website and supporting systems – Be prepared to spend time and money on your website design and implementation. Online businesses are booming, but that doesn’t mean they are easier to set up than traditional stores. You can’t just slap up a website and expect visits and sales from day one. You need to optimise your site so all of the major search engines can find you and customers can reach your site based on their chosen search terms. If you use a website designer ask them about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). It can add a significant cost to the build, so learn as much as you can and do as much as possible yourself if you can.

Know what you need from your business systems. Do you have web design experience (which is quite different to knowledge, as I found out!). Do you know what you need in a website/shopping cart? Again, talk to people, check out web design firms and contact their clients for feedback. Don’t assume that a website/shopping cart will have the features that you assume are standard, eg, stock control, email and newsletter facilities.

The same goes for accounting and office software. If you have bookkeeping experience you are ahead of many. If not, consider taking a short course or employing a bookkeeper. Yes, this will add to your operating costs, but so will being stung with a huge tax bill!

Make sure your computer skills are up to date, as you will be doing lots of word processing, budgeting and emails. You may also want to invest in a writing course, as you will be shocked at how much time you will spend banging away at the keyboard, replying to emails, social networking posts, preparing newsletters and blogs.

4 – Do your market research. If you don’t do this you won’t have a market to sell to. Obviously you are going into business because you have a passion for something, whether it be knitting, gardening, or any other reason. You may excel in one or more areas, but don’t assume you know what customers want based on your beliefs.

I spent weeks researching yarn websites, checking what they were selling and seeing what other services they offered (blogs, freebies, tutorials etc). I looked at their design and overall feel. I also visited local yarn shops to see how I could translate the physical shop front into a virtual one. The main message I drew from this was that I had to provide a friendly, easy to use and informative website with plenty of variety and ways for the customer to interact with the store.

You need to know who your competitors are. Direct competitors are those who sell the same type of product that you want to sell. Indirect competitors can be retailers who sell mass produced knitwear or cheap non-branded yarns. Your business plan should include a general description of your competition and outline how you will fit into the current industry and how you will stand out from the crowd.

You are looking to offer a USP (unique selling proposition). This can be selling a product that no-one else carries that is in demand, or providing a service that isn’t available, for instance, coffee shop facilities, delivery service, classes etc. It’s all about developing your business as a brand. Think of some big companies and note down what comes to mind when you hear their name. It is as much about how they do business as the products they sell.

5 – Develop a business plan. This can be done on your own or with the assistance of Business Support Centres. A business plan is essential for obtaining finance, as well as being your “bible” that you refer to frequently, both to see if your business is performing as per the plan, and also to remind you why you did this crazy thing in the first place!

A well prepared business plan gives you an edge when you are negotiating finance and getting started, as it shows that you are serious and professional in your approach. It should include results of market research, your biography as it relates to your intended business and a set of start up and projected financials.

6 – Develop an effective marketing strategy for your business. Letterbox drops may not be the most effective way to promote an online business, but well placed posters and flyers in shopping centres, libraries, community centres, retirement homes, hospitals may work well. Print advertising doesn’t have to be restricted to just yarn magazines. Consider parenting, craft and lifestyle magazines as well.

Use social networking sites. I have a Twitter account and a Facebook page. Out of the 2 Facebook has been the most valuable, as it offers the viewer a look inside my business and its core values. This relates to building your brand. I didn’t realise the relevance of this at first, but after attending a couple of business seminars and doing my market research, I realised that my “brand” is the core of what I do. My aim is to assist knitters of all skill levels but particularly new and inexperienced knitters, who may be afraid to approach a high-end store for advice. This is becoming my “brand”.

Identifying your brand is a key feature of your business plan, so try to get this established as early as you can. And do remember, your original business idea may well evolve and change as you respond to customer demands.

7 – Be prepared to generate no income for at least a year. Although I receive an allowance for the first 12 months, I still have to rely on my savings to survive. You may have to consider running your business alongside a “real” job for a time. I haven’t resorted to this yet but I do feel the time may come fairly soon. In the meantime I am doing everything I can to prevent this, but have to be realistic.

8 – Network. Talk to people! If you want an insider view on the type of business you want to run, talk to someone who runs a similar one. Obviously you could scare some operators who perceive you as a potential threat. Why not talk to someone who runs a non- competing business, for instance, if your business is knitting yarn, talk to a scrap booking or other craft shop owner. They are usually happy to answer questions and take an interest. You can also contact the same business type in a completely different location, as they are unlikely to be a direct competitor.

Participate in forums and subscribe to newsletters and magazines to keep up with trends and gather feedback from people who use the products you want to sell. When I was first looking at starting a yarn business I wanted it to be a physical shop, containing a coffee shop and play area as well as an extensive yarn selection. I posed the question “What would your dream yarn shop look like/have?” to a local forum group and they came up with exactly what I had envisioned. This was really encouraging, but after a lot of thought and soul searching, I realised that I wasn’t ready for the challenge of such an ambitious operation. Starting online is in no way a compromise, or practice run, but it may well lead to me opening a retail outlet in the future.

9 – Last but not least, stay positive and passionate about what you are doing! Most people who have dreamed about opening their own yarn shop (or any business for that matter) focus on one aspect of that business. For us yarnies it is the dream of being surrounded by beautiful fibres every day! While this is always going to be the case, there are so many other facets of owning a business that can overtake your dreams.

The day to day pressures of small business are always going to be there, so keep reminding yourself why this was so important to you. And if you sometimes forget what it was that made you want to do this, remind yourself by picking up your needles and yarn and escaping to your dream world even just for an hour – you’ll soon remember what madness lead to opening your very own yarn shop!

Designer Shop For Shoes

Designer shop is the best place to get several items from fashion designers. Whatever be the item, whether it is clothing, jewellery or shoes, everything is available in these shops. Here in this article we will specifically deal with designer shoe shops. These shops stock a large variety of shoes for both men and women. Now, the world has become a fashion place and shoes are no longer meant only for basic requirements; they have in fact become an important fashion accessory. Any gorgeous outfit is said to be incomplete without a matching pair of designer shoes. They have become very popular among the fashionistas. In fact you will see a lot of celebrities wearing a pair of these shoes and going for shopping, weddings or any other casual occasions and all these can be seen in the magazines, newspapers and over the Internet. Thus the designer shoes have simply become a fascination for every man.

The designer footwear come in different styles and forms for men. With the increasing demand of these shoes in the market, many designers have started manufacturing these shoes. In fact, there are a number of brands that manufactures designer footwear for men. Some of the popular brands that manufacture designer shoes for men are Sebago, Fly London, Jeffery West and such others. The designer shoes are made from high quality materials and are thus very comfortable. There used to be a time when a designer shop was only a place for rich people. But nowadays even middle class people opts to buy shoes from these shops

One thing that you need to note when buying men’s shoes from any designer shop is that the shop needs to be trustworthy and reputed. It must stock original shoes from popular brands. Now, the question you might ask is how would you know whether the shoe shop is a reliable one or not. In order to buy the best quality shoes you need to shop online. So, you need to buy the designer footwear of your choice from online shoe stores. You can check about the reliability of this shop by reading out the reviews at the feedback section of the website. The reviews will give you a clear idea about whether to buy the shoes from the shop you have chosen or not. So, you need to be very careful when buying a designer shoe.

There are many benefits of buying a pair of shoe from a reputed designer shop online. The first and foremost benefit is that you simply don’t have to move out of your house to buy a pair of designer shoes. By accessing the Internet from home or office, you can get your shoe delivered. Next, you can select from an array of styles, sizes and colours from the Internet. Last but not the least; the designer shops quite often provide discounts on shoes and so by buying the shoes online you can save lots of money.

Office Supplies For the Home

Many more people are turning around toward the self employed route and plenty of those are making space in the home for an office, computer room or study. Whether this is reflective of the amount of redundancies that have occurred over the past few years due to the credit crunch we aren’t sure, but a question we can help answer is just what office supplies for the home are available and non-retail prices.

Don’t let that retailer take your hard earned cash – there are many office supplies businesses and stores out there that want your business and can offer juicy discounts when buying a number of items at one time, or when buying on a regular basis. Regular buying will mean that you are fully stocked up on items you need every day such as printer paper, labels, ink cartridges etc and buying more than one at a time should be kinder to your pocket.

So if you are decking out a new home office it may be worth making a list of items that you will use daily, monthly and annually. This might be a simple stapler or a fascinating filing system, though we’re pretty sure you’ll be on a tight budget so have a look at our tips below for buying equipment for the home office.

Use comparison websites if you intend to buy online. They may get a commission for your purchase, however you will be able to list the best prices on items you need – particularly office chairs and desks which take up quite a large portion of anyone’s budget. Write down the type of item, its price and the store you can pick it up from at that price, comparison sites list online stores that you may not have come across (simply because there are so many) but they’re all competing against each other for your business.

Visit a couple of high street stores. Take brochures and have a look at the options available there. Stores like Argos, Tesco and Staples all have brochures and offer home delivery and they all sell a variety of furniture and office stationery at fairly competitive prices – but don’t be tempted to shop at the first place you think of just to collect loyalty points, you may well find cheaper items and more variety at specialist suppliers or online.

When buying office supplies for the home, always try to get a discount or at the very least free delivery, if a smaller local business is selling what you want and wants your business they may be happy to negotiate a deal so that you stay loyal and they get your custom.