Interdisciplinary Iconoclast and Creatrix of Awesome

♥ Performance artist – using burlesque, circus, improv, physical theatre, street theatre, spoken word, and stage work to tell personal stories and express political opinions {culture, society, appropriation, stereotypes}
♥ Production assistant – stage management, event management, merch & door, front of house, backstage, personal assistance, research, ideas, media production, gophering, promotions & marketing, fan management, artist liaison
♥ Creative producer – blogger, writer, Web geek, essayist, model, conceptualiser, artistic director, speaker, editorial, host/MC, radio announcer, events/gigs, IdeaParties, all sorts of creative projects

You can find me occasionally on 4zzz’s Megaherzzz as co-presenter and as an Associate Editor for The Scavenger
I’m also the founder of the Awesome GRRRLS Collective.

STYLE/VIBE: Alternative, culturequeer, queer, cosmopolitan, flamboyant, theatrical, political, activisty, silly, magical, enthusiastic, curious, poignant, thought-provoking, eccentric, intense, rabble-rousing, feminist, dramatic, helpful, multicultural, fetish, burlesque, circus, sideshow, carnival, awesome

WORKED WITH: Vulcana Women’s Circus, Edge Improv, Scoundrelles, 4zzz, Queensland Assocation for Healthy Communities, Open Doors, Visible Ink, Pride, Femmetastic, BITSFestival, Brisbane Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, Switch, Kristian Fletcher Events, Evelyn Hartogh, Asha Gill, Mihirangi, Brisbane Writers Festival, Awesome GRRRLS, Legless, Star Rae Revue, Vixen Noir, Island Vibe, Next Wave Festival, The Scavenger, >to >the >left, KLue Urbanscapes, and so on

INTERESTED IN: Helping each other!
♥ Collaborating with other creative people & projects – as a performer, model, ideas person, researcher, advisor, anything!
♥ Helping you with your creative work & events – backstage, on stage, before or after the event, at the door or at the Green Room
♥ Giving more exposure and opportunities to minority creatives (fringe of the fringe) – Culturally and Linguistically Diverse, queer, female
♥ Promoting and supporting your own creative dreams and projects

If any of these intrigue you, find me and drop me a line!

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