Fitness & Nutrition: The Key to Bariatric Surgery Success

Weight loss surgery, technically known as bariatric surgery, seems to be the talk of the town. In the last decade it has become the most common solution to the huge problem of obesity that has plagued a lot of people in the United States and other countries.

There are several types of bariatric surgery. Gastric sleeve and bypass surgery are one of the most popular because of their incredible success rates. Not every doctor is trained to perform a surgery like this, but many patients have found that being operated by a bariatric surgeon in Mexico is one of the best choice, because of the perfect mix of quality and cost.

People that have never had an issue with obesity usually don’t understand the way of bariatric surgery, they feel like it’s cheating, like taking the easy way out. Well, first of all, having surgery is not easy. Second, in most cases, people who under go any type of bariatric surgery have already tried many and all types of diets and treatments to loose the weight, but it has just not worked out. Bariatric surgery gives them a jump start on weight loss, which is exactly what overweight individuals need.

Is bariatric surgery the end all solution? Of course not! As we already mentioned, it gives patients a huge advantage, but it still requires a lot of diet and exercise. In order to achieve long lasting results, the patient who underwent bariatric surgery has to focus a lot on proper nutrition. A common nutritional regimen consists on eating lean protein and greens, while avoiding simple carbs.

Another big key to long term weight loss success is, yes, you guessed it, exercise! Working out on a regular basis is extremely important. Modest cardiovascular training will keep the heart healthy and burn calories at the same time. Also, weight training and muscle conditioning will help strengthen your core, you body frame and it will help counteract joint issues which plague many people who are overweight.

Bariatric surgery is for life, so proper nutrition and a well planned and ongoing fitness regimen will also be for life, for a better life.