Why Are Alpaca Sweaters Popular In Men’s Fashion?

In terms of men’s fashion in America, various statistics show that guys like to keep it simple. In fact, many have their wives go shopping for them with the instruction to get “some work shirts, a few ties, some socks and a gray hoodie”. They simply don’t care about the cut, materials or design. However, there are multiple pockets of male consumers who appreciate fashion design, fine materials, and how they look and feel in what they wear. For these guys there is a fine appreciation in apparel that exists beyond the borders of large department stores; they value unique pieces, or garments that tell a story. Here are some reasons why more fashion-conscious men are buying alpaca sweaters from Peru offered by reputable retailers in America.

Alpaca Sweaters Offer High-Quality at Affordable Prices

Cashmere sweaters have been highly coveted and a status symbol of luxury for decades. But now alpaca sweaters have entered this arena offering a comparable look and feel at a fraction of the cost. In fact fashion labels like Hugo Boss, Prada, and Gucci have used alpaca fibers in their sweaters, jackets and scarves.

Alpaca Sweaters Are Highly Durable

If properly cared for, men’s alpaca sweaters can last a lifetime. Other sweaters tend to easily lose their shape, wear, and fade in color. So long as your alpaca sweater is hand-washed in warm water with a gentle cleaning solution recommended by the retailer, and is stored in a breathable box with moth balls, alpaca sweaters can outlive you!

Eco Friendly Guys Love Alpaca Sweaters

Interestingly enough, a large percentage of men who love high-quality fashion also support movements that are green and friendly to Mother Nature. First of all, alpacas are farmed in 100% natural ways that mirror their intended existence; they graze freely in their natural environment while living a daily routine they were meant for. Their hooves are also very soft so the impact on our planet is small. Alpaca farming in Peru is also done without any machinery or harmful emissions. In fact, when you buy men’s alpaca sweaters from Peru you are helping to support families that come from generations of alpaca farming.

Alpaca Sweaters Come in Natural Colors

Forget about garments with dye jobs. For men who desire natural garments free from chemicals, alpaca sweaters are ideal options because the animal’s fibers come in multiple natural colors. You can get all natural men’s alpaca sweaters in shades of gray, blue, red, brown and cream colors.

Alpaca Sweaters Are A Fashion-Conscious Man’s Best Friend

Because of their stylish cuts, soft touch, high-quality durability, and green-friendly stamp of approval, fashion-conscious men love alpaca sweaters as an alternative to cashmere. Be sure to shop around the various retailers who sell imported alpaca sweaters from Peru, and make sure they are 100% alpaca and not made from a generic blend. Whether you are out on the town for an evening Spring-time dinner with the person you love, or you want to look stylish in the ski lodge for drinks, alpaca sweaters delight men who love to dress shark and feel comfortable.