Hire: Backstage and Onstage

If you need talent on the mics, or mics for the talent, I’m your girl!

Stage Management

From audition day to final curtain, let me help you run the ground-work of bringing a show together. I’ll wake your performers if they missed a rehearsal, make sure everyone’s well-fed, and cue in anyone that’s forgotten a line.


I can assist with bump-ins and bump-outs, making sure all the leads are gaffed down, and working out if the PA system has blown a fuse. I’m especially great with computers (Windows, Macs, Linux) and the Internet – I’ll get that PowerPoint slideshow off your email and on the screen if you’re stuck.


With a booming and memorable voice, quick-thinking improv skills, and a open and friendly personality, I can be the ringmistress of your show!

Dancer, Singer, Actress, Public Speaker, Slam Poet…

Any stage role at all. Whether as the star or a backup chorister, I’m ready! I’m energetic, committed, and can jump in at the very last minute.

See how I can also help you at the show, before and after the show, and besides the show.