Hire: Before and After the Show

Let me help you plan your big bash, and celebrate a job well done.

Artist Liaison

The show can’t go on without the performers! I’ll make sure their flights are booked, they have a warm and cozy bed, and that they have everything they need. I’ll even prepare infokits for anyone coming out of town, and be their contact person the whole time.

Marketing and Promotions

Get the fans to your show! I’m a maven with online social media and can use the tools to get the word out about your production ethically and effectively.

Admin work

Someone’s got to send out the letters, wrap up the presents, make the phonecalls. That’s me!


Celebrate your success! I’ll help you throw a bash that gives everyone the sublime celebratory happiness they deserve.

Also check out what I can do for you at the show, backstage and onstage, and besides the show.