Hire: Besides the Show

A creative producer or performer’s life isn’t just spent in the limelight. Here’s how I can help you off the stage.

Fan Management

Drowning in fanmail? No worries! Let me screen your inboxes and mailbags for love letters, million-dollar cheques, and crazy stalkers so you can spend more time doing the work that brings you the fanmail in the first place.


I keep myself regularly updated on what’s going on in the arts world – from grants to galleries, workshops to competitions. Give me Google and I’ll give you regular updates on events, opps, and gigs you’d be interested in. I can also look up information about any arcane topic related to your production, from the best small-scale lighting techs in your suburb to the role of tea in 10th century Indochina.

Working with Your Community

I am passionate about making a difference through creativity. We can brainstorm ways to use your creative talents for the greater good, and I can connect you to organisations and causes that would appreciate your assistance.

Personal Assistance

Need someone to sort your mail, get you coffee, manage your hectic schedule? Let me do the hard yards while you concentrate on your creativity. I can do this in person or virtually.

Anything Else!

If you have a particular situation you’d like help with, let me know. I can put together a custom arrangement just for your purposes, and give you exactly the help you need. Leave me a note and we’ll talk about it!

Do see how I can be of help at the show, backstage and onstage, and before and after the show.