About: Performance Folio

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Coxcomb Red

An ode to a lovely queer redhead (hence the song) traveller girl that I had a short & sweet thing with. This video is from the Wickham Hotel talent competition heats, and I’m currently bringing this piece around different places such as POC THE MIC (Melbourne) and Pride Fair Day (Brisbane).

Tiara the Merch Girl at Pecha Kucha Brisbane vol. 15

I was invited to talk at Pecha Kucha Brisbane in March 2010. Here I present my experiences working with Vulcana Women’s Circus for Aperture, which resulted in Ex/Rotic.

Prisencolinensinainciusol, Alright!

My entry for Cabaret Burlesque 2010, also my first go at drag king & a return to a childhood love of magic!


This piece was developed with Vulcana Women’s Circus as part of the Aperture project, and debuted at Island Vibe 2009. It’s about my struggle with cultural identity and stereotypes, and sends up typical burlesque tropes. At the end I performed an adaptation of Suheir Hammad’s Not Your Exotic. This video is from the 2009 BITSFestival.

Teenage Fangirl

This is a tribute to Darren Hayes and Savage Garden, a band (and its lead singer) whom I’ve loved since I was 13. The posters and pictures in this act are at least 10 years old; I’ve held on to them! This was originally performed at the August Star Rae Revue, with an actual bed and someone playing “mum”, though we improvised for a smaller space.

Bring On The Men (with Lace for Lunch)

Lace for Lunch is my friend Alyssa M. who does a lot of performance work with people with disabilities. There was another Alyssa performing so we needed to give her a stage name. It would have also included her boyfriend Tristan on piano but he was unable to participate. This was performed at the November Star Rae Revue.

Cabaret Burlesque – Islamic routine

This performance, based on my Muslim upbringing, earned me 3rd place in the “New Talent” category of Cabaret Burlesque Brisbane 2009.

Tiara the Merch Girl – Cabaret Burlesque – Islamic Routine – PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION from Tiara The Merch Girl on Vimeo.

The Vagina Monologues (Brisbane) – The Woman who Loved to Make Vaginas Happy

Here I play a dominatrix/sex worker whose primary clients are women. Her passion is to help woman experience – and articulate – pleasure.

The Woman Who Loved To Make Vaginas Happy (V-Day 2009 Brisbane) from Tiara The Merch Girl on Vimeo.


This was for a university project demonstrating various camera angles. My friend and her partner went for a ransom video, with me as the hostage.