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Tiara the Merch Girl

Interdisciplinary Iconoclast and Creatrix of Awesome

Performance artist - using burlesque, circus, improv, physical theatre, street theatre, spoken word, and stage work to tell personal stories and express political opinions {culture, society, appropriation, stereotypes}

Production assistant - stage management, event management, merch & door, front of house, backstage, personal assistance, research, ideas, media production, gophering, promotions & marketing, fan management, artist liaison

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#sanfranplan: Get Tiara to San Francisco for Creative Sexytimes! from Tiara The Merch Girl on Vimeo.
Transcript here.

Why San Fran Plan?

I have not heard many stories about being queer and in a minority that I could relate to. While I love performance art and burlesque, and admire queer performers who celebrate their sexuality and bodies in all their oddball glory, I didn't see many that came from a background like mine or who even looked like me. I grew up with very different ideas of sexuality, love, relationships, and the body compared to my peers and friends, and sometimes have a hard time reconciling my heritage and background with my current experiences and values.

Discussions and projects with other friends - especially other activists and performers - have brought up their experiences of not quite being able to relate, of being marginalised even in supposedly more "liberal" areas, of trying to navigate oft-conflicting values, perspectives, and ideas. My performance work and writing has connected me with others who thank me for sharing my voice, for adding another view to the community, for representing a side that often goes unheard.

Through this project I aim to come up with a number of performance pieces (and possibly work in other mediums, such as photography) that explore the issues I bring up, as well as some presentations of my work and learnings. I also aim to contribute as much knowledge, energy, and manpower as I can to my internships and volunteer projects, including building links between San Francisco, Brisbane, and other related networks around the world.

The San Fran Plan

Spend 3 months in San Francisco to further expand my skills, be involved in awesome projects, and create performance work about gender, sexuality, love, and relationships from the perspective of a female queer migrant minority.

I have a residency space with CELLspace from June to September. I'm also keen to participate in any events and festivals that welcome performers - here's a proposal for one such presentation..

I've also been offered internships with Femina Potens and Madison Young's own projects, as well as the Center for Sex and Culture. If/when I get more organised I'll post them here.

I've been in touch with a good deal of other organisations and performers around San Francisco and the Bay Area and some are interested in meeting up or having me volunteer. There's probably enough for 3 years worth!

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How To Help

Donate! Every dollar goes a long way. There are various perks to thank you - such as care packages, postcards, and the option to give me a challenge. Besides IndieGoGo, I can also take Australian bank deposit and private Paypal contributions.

Spread the word! The more people who know about this project the better. Invite people via IndieGoGo, Facebook, or PlanBig, or use the ShareThis button before to tell your social networks:

Be a sugar mummy or a patron-with-a-twist - hey, it fits the project.

Hire me! I am available for freelance, casual, or part-time work. Here's what I can do for you, and my LinkedIn profile has resumes & references.

Got frequent flyer miles? I have accounts with Qantas, Virgin (Velocity), and Malaysia Airlines (Enrich). A miles donation would greatly help in offsetting some of the costs of airfare.

Do you work in the media? Are you a blogger, news reporter, feature writer, TV producer, radio host? Have a favourite site, TV show, radio show? Get the San Fran Plan on there!

Sponsor me! Talk about a unique CSR project! I'm happy to discuss sponsorship & advertising terms.

Be an affiliate! As you can see, I have some affiliate links to products & companies I enjoy & support - your purchase provides some cash my way. Let me know if you have a similar affiliate program I can join.

Tell someone famous! I'm a MASSIVE fan of Darren Hayes and it would absolutely make my day if someone got him to check out the San Fran Plan (hint hint). I've also been in touch with some of the San Fran Queer Porn Mafia but more reminders can't hurt ;D

Refer some resources to me! If you have any tips about grants, opportunities, people & places in San Fran, or anything else that you feel would come in handy, do let me know.

Crowdfunding Budget

I am currently crowdfunding via IndieGoGo for $5000:

  • $2000 for return airfare BNE - SFO
  • $1950 ($650*3) for CELLspace 3 months rent
  • $1050 for living expenses

Besides crowdfunding, I am also adding in my own savings, looking for grants & sponsorships, and working various jobs. Any more resources and employment are always appreciated.

Contribute Now

I am stil able to take contributions after the end of the IndieGoGo project via Australian bank transfer and private Paypal donations. Plese contact me for details.


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