The Merch Girl is a new and emerging enterprise which also seeks to support other new and emerging enterprises. Here I’ll put up ways for us to support each other.

Are you New and Emerging?

If you are, I’ll like to hear about you! Tell me about yourself and what sort of help you need, and I’ll post it up.

Photographers & Crew Wanted

I would like to collaborate with some photographers, makeup artists, stylists, and other such people to create some great portraits for The Merch Girl. At this stage I’m only able to do TFP, but I’m happy to work with people of almost all levels, including students. If you have a special project in mind do let me know – I’d love to participate!

Props and Costumes

Have some gear that you’d like to swap or donate? I’ll put it to good use and credit you for your creative contribution! Contact me for details.

Current Needs

The following would be greatly beneficial to The Merch Girl:

  • Business name registration (I already have an ABN)
  • Responsible Service of Gambling
  • Materials for a Merch Girl Toolkit
  • Mentoring/start-up business training
  • Training in various performance forms (theatre, dance, etc)
  • Events for networking, meeting interesting people
  • Start-up funding and grants

If you have any resources or information for the above, or are able to help in some way, do let me know – I’ll love to hear from you.

Thank You

The following people and groups have been amazingly helpful and supportive of The Merch Girl. Thank you so much!

The Scoundrelles – You made me who I am today. Thank you so much for everything.

Michelle of Lip Magazine for your crazy support since Day 1 – including coding this layout! Yay!

The Ministry of Burlesque forums – for your great company, total support, and addictive pleasure.

My sister Mithi and Leah of LeahCreates for your great feedback on the layout and your awesome art skills!

My boyfriend Mark – for coding skills and great patience and love.

Jamie and Erin of The Bakery for some great ideas on getting my business up and running!

Pace, Kyeli, and all the other Freaks – hurrah freakishness!

The Magnificent Megan M. for your positivity and belief in me. You rock!

The Mysterious Mistress who funded my trip to Brisbane for Cabaret Burlesque – and got a spark going. WOW. You are AWESOME and I LOVE YOU.

If I’ve forgotten you let me know and I’ll add you here!