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Top Four Benefits of Studying High School Abroad Study abroad programs are very popular with college students, did you know you can also sign up for them in high school? Leaving your friends behind might seem sad, but try looking for a student who went abroad to study and didn’t enjoy love every minute of it. You’ll only be frustrated! The following are some of the most common benefits you get when studying high school abroad (just the tip of the iceberg really): 1. Time and freedom are both on your side. As we grow older, our list of responsibilities also gets longer. Career, spouse or partner, kids – you’ll be too busy to visit and enjoy another country for longer than a usual vacation would take. If you’ve always dreamt of living abroad, start preparing now while you still have the freedom you need. High schools are often high supportive of students who want to take a year or even a summer to explore something different.
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2. Opportunities are more abundant.
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Just as your freedom dwindles with age, so do the opportunities offered by your youth. What makes exchange and study abroad programs possible is the structured education system we have today. If there is no such structure that can facilitate the exchange, you will be restricted to traveling abroad for planned vacations, or moving there on your own time in the future. It can be fairly easy to get admitted into foreign exchange student programs, which cease to be available after graduation. 3. It’s much easier to learn. When we’re young, our bodies are still developing and our brains still functioning at optimum speed. That is the reason you learn a language far easier and faster as a teenager immersed in a foreign country, than as an older person. Besides, in today’s highly globalized world, knowing at least two languages is always viewed as a plus in terms of work opportunities. 4. It’s a great opportunity to improve your view of the world and your position in it. We are at the mercy of the experiences and places we find ourselves in growing up. The good thing is, smart decisions can change all that. Each and every corner of the world works uniquely from the rest, but you won’t actually realize that you have first-hand experience. The Internet and even books are not enough. Travel gives people a different view of how things go on in the world and what things are important. Learning this at a young age puts you a step ahead of your peers in making decisions as to what you want in your life and what really matters to you.